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Newspaper sucker Ads

You will only benefit from this type sale if it rains

Yep, fill out the form, the salesman will be only to happy to phone you twice a week while your having dinner

Very true, as long as your offer is not below asking price

3 - 6 MTHS - 1 YEAR

Great deal, if accumulation of interest in the interim period have not been added to payments

Now there is the real deal, take the whole family and leave your credit cards at home

Very true if your grocery shopping, at a dealership every day is sale day

It starts in january and ends in december

and on the 5th day, the sale will get even better

only buyers suffering from insomnia should attend these type sales

the dealer is talking about your wallet





Words that Triggers your Mind


Fancy way of saying expensive

Limited Time Offer

Left behind if you don't take advantage


Makes you feel more confident


If you're thinking I can always take it back, it's probably something you don't really need


Draws positive attention to plant a hook


Enough Study
You need a Brain Break

A policeman stopped a guy for driving erratically. He peered intently into the driver's eyes and said, "Your eyes look bloodshot, have your been drinking?"

The guy peers into the policeman's eyes and says, "Your eyes look glazed, have you been eating donuts?"

Before You Shop Know Your Wants and Needs or You Could End Up with a on Wheels

Ask yourself (with pen and Paper), "Which manufacturers, size, models, makes and equipment fit my budget? And what options are a MUST?" If you enter a Superstore with a huge selection, your emotions could take over and you're then shopping for things like appearance, style, color, etc.. rather than the things you need.

Buying a Brand New Car ?

With the tools at hand today it's amazing how most consumers still shop the old fashion way for a brand new vehicle, enter a dealership knowing the type of vehicle they want along with approximate cost and figure it's within their budget , go for a test drive and if vehicle still fits the bill will be invited to the salesman desk to work some numbers.
Be it financing or add ons, many buyers at this point come to realize vehicle may not be such a hot deal or affordable, why waste time this way, you are sitting across the table with a salesman getting hammered trying to convince you with numbers it's affordable, and deep inside you're pondering, this is an area where a pro salesman can plays with your emotions, plant the hook, and you waking up next morning with buyers remorse. this is not how you shop in today's market

A smarter Buyer will have entered a manufactures website of choice to build a vehicle, choose - color - options - upgrades,and will know total cost and what incentives offered by manufacturer on what models,,, A little homework that can save a lot of time dealing with the salesman whom will also come to realize it's not a green pigeon sitting across the table. Yes you will have accomplished knowing exactly your needs, but not your best price because all manufactures prices are based on MSRP and dealers may sell for less  let's now enter the smartest buyer that will get the best deal 

The Smartest Buyer will also have surfed dealers or mfg websites, build the vehicle of choice " but will not submit " because quotes are based on MSRP but will obtain free competitive Internet quotes from dealers. When sitting across the table with a salesman,,, at this point the choice is yours, let the salesman ramble on with his best price or display your hand that will be lower, and will be accepted.


Many of the major auto manufacturers are offering huge rebates and low APR financing on some their popular models. Dealers are selling vehicles below invoice through Internet quotes 
Getting a quote through the Internet dealers know it's highly competitive, you will get their best price up front.

Leaders on the Internet for free quotes are

Get A Free Dealer Quote At Edmunds.com  

 New Car Invoice Pricing at Automotive.com

 Note only Zip Codes of United States qualify for this totally free excellent service " Rest of the world " sorry " you're on your own.


Quotes may differ slightly, obtain free quotes from both providers.
There is no catch. Dealers compete for your business online and I assure you that the prices quoted will be the lowest.
If you enter a dealership not showing your hand you'll be one step ahead of the salesperson. Five minutes of your time will save you hassle and dollars.

• "Best of the Web" by Forbes
• "Best Sites" for shopping for a new car by The Wall Street Journal
• "Best Car Research on the web, Hands Down" by Forbes.

  In my experience, approximately 80% of consumers could have saved hundred of dollars (20% of these consumers would have saved thousands) when they purchased their vehicles if they had only followed a few easy steps to help them investigate their options.

Summary competitive price quote in hand will give you the advantage before you set foot on the lot, this type service is totally FREE, with no obligation to buy by simply getting some quotes through the internet. Many buyers don't like this idea " why " because they don't like the idea getting pestered by a dealership with phone calls,,, simple solution,,, In the contact field or preference of contact " check " by email only,,, if a phone # is mandatory then state in the comment field,,, prefer contact by email only.



Your best used car buys will be vehicles 1 to 4 yrs old. Anything older generally requires more costly maintenance.

Franchise dealerships selling brand of vehicle you are shopping for are second to none

A well maintained used car that's less than 4 years old will give you the same satisfaction as a new car...for about half the price.

If you're financing, the rule of thumb is to make a down payment of around 20% on a used car. In most cases, that will cover the depreciation value of the first year. Should you want to trade, you most likely won't be in a negative situation

If you're shopping with an open mind and test driving several vehicles to find that magic car, don't let emotions rule your logic. If you want the best deal you must walk away and study your options, I don't care if its the only vehicle in that color or your buying the manager's demo for less money, the veteran salesperson will use techniques to play with your emotions to commit, you must take the stance if vehicle is not available after you done further study then it was not to be in the first place. 

Considering Leasing - Don't Let Emotions Overide Your Signature

You must FULLY understand the contract when leasing a vehicle. Whatever terms you agree to and sign, be 100% sure you will want to keep it for that term and fully understand the fine print. If you went to jail for 3 or 4 years, you would most likely be released early based on good behavior. Not so with a lease! There is no parole without severely hurting your pocketbook


I need your help to help others to level the playing field at car dealerships

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