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Pro's and Con's Buying an Extended Auto Warranty

When I first build this hobby website sharing my knowleadge with consumers how to buy a vehicle I allowed affiliate warranty providers that netted me a hefty sum every month, but complaints came back to hunt me about 3th party warranties, I came to realize I was pulling the wool over people’s eyes that trusted my website content, saying to myself, why am I doing this, I am retired and financially secured, some people when retired play golf, I enjoy answering questions in forums and forever updating this site.

There are two types auto Extended Warranties

The ones provided or backed  by car manufacturers and others that are backed by a third party. There are no valid third party extended warranty program at any dealership or the Internet where you get pestered with junk mail about auto warranties, on the subject about email warranties offered, have you ever noticed that not one of these type warranties are offered by a manufacturer ?

Would i personally consider buying an extended auto warranty

Yes, only if warranty is provided or backed by the car manufacturer, under no circumstances would I consider buying a third party warranty

Used Car Extended Warranties Offered by Dealers

When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle at a dealership or " example " you purchased your last vehicle I am 99.9% sure you were offered an extended warranty.? Consider purchase only if warranty provider is manufacturer of same make as your purchase, don't listen to the Finance Mgr's trained pitch it's covered just the same " it's not " dealers are driven by sales or commissions goals which keep them from being objective or offering the best coverage to fit your needs.

New Car Extended Warranties Offered by Dealers

Most new vehicle’s have a minimum 3 years full warranty to start with, if you firmly believe you will still be happy with vehicle after Mfg’s warranty expire or your lifestyle will not have changed, go ahead let the dealer make a score.... IMO 3 - 5 years is a long time " no thanks " I pass " WHY " because just prior to expiry I can go to any franchise dealer to get an Extended Warranty backed  at a discounted price "" and "" for best price shop the dealers in area that sell my brand.

Who Offers Useless Warranties

IMO every 3th party provider except if backed  by Mfg, if you think you found a valid provider research the company before you sign up with them: A quick Google search in the name of the Warranty Company with added words like "complaints - scams - dishonest " you then decide if you would want to buy a Warranty from any of these fraudulently operating providers loaded with red flags,,, here are just a few picked at random

" Smart Auto Warranty ". " US Fidelis Auto Warranty " Stop repair bills.com " Consumer Direct Warranty " Great Atlantic Warranty " AA Auto Warranty " Monster Warranty " etc 
Don't misunderstand me here - there are also some very satisfied customers " one's that never had to make a claim " 

How to Negotiate a valid Warranty from a Dealer

When I used the word valid I assume by now you know I mean a warranty issued or backed  by the Mfg of type vehicle you are buying...Here are some thoughts for you to ponder.

1,,, Have you ever noticed every dealership you surf offer extended warranties " why " because it plants the hook in the back of your mind being more secure should you consider purchase, but the # 1 factor " it's a cash cow " most warranties are marked up 80% - 120%

2,,, The warranty cost from a dealer in most cases are negotiable, if you pass the first offer, chances are excellent that a discounted price will be available prior to taking delivery of vehicle, if not, don't be shy to ask for a 10% - 15% discount, if the answer is no, but you really want a warranty, phone another dealer to negotiate a warranty,

3,,, If the salesperson suggest a warranty is a good idea, keep in mind most dealerships has a kickback $$$$ to salesperson

4,,, If you are financing and include the cost of a warranty rolled into payments, you decide, if the total cost is beneficial " example " warranty cost $2000. add - tax - interest rate - you could be paying towards $3000. for the warranty, if purchased with a deductible clause make sure you also add this amount into the equation. My point here is, some real major breakdown has to occur before your investment kicks in. 

Surfing The Internet for Information Auto Related ?

Buying - selling - how to - tips, there are abundance of links to answer any question " BUT " are the sites driven for personal gain being objective offering you the best advice ?. If there are Google Ads or recommended Warranties for you to click on, the link or website may not be in your best interest.

Explanation why backed is highlited in red on this page

Example - If you buy a used Ford from a franchised Ford dealer an extended warranty is available provided by a third party " ESP " backed by Ford, all Ford service departments in the US and Canada will have your name and level of extended warranty you purchased in their database and will work on your vehicle without delay. This warranty I approve 100%

Red Flag  - If you purchased a vehicle that don't meet the conditions from the Mfg of your vehicle you purchased,  such as being to old in model years or to high miles the business/finance will offer you a warranty from a third party provided " long story short " No No No.

Buying a used GM vehicle from a GM dealer the plan is called - GMPP, from Chrysler it's CSC, any other type warranty offered by the dealer is not only a cash cow but a total waste of money.

Independent dealers may include a warranty selling you a car " from experience it's a 99% useless garbage unless it's a warranty that was issued by the Mfg and is still valid " I also guarantee 99% after having purchased a car you willl be offered an extended warranty while waiting for your bill of sale in the business/finance office,,, don't listen to the trained sales pitch unless it's a warranty covered by the Mfg.